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Since I never did this on my old account, I feel as if I should do a small introduction to let you know who I am. 

   My name is Madison Miller, I'm currently 20 and I am a college student who is aiming to get my Associate's Degree in Graphic Design. I have a wonderful Fiancé named Tony and I hope to be with this man for the rest of my life. As you will see in my art posts, I am a furry, and very proud of it. Not only am I, but so is my boyfriend, which makes me glad because I don't like suiting alone. 

What Program Do You Use?
At the moment, I currently use Adobe Photoshop CC that I have been gifted by my college.

What Tablet Do You Currently Use?
I use a Huion P608N with a battery powered pen. I really like this tablet. I used to have a Wacom Bamboo tablet but I honestly disliked using it a lot. It didn't have any pressure sensitivity and using it was difficult. A simple program came with it as well and it was honestly useless to me because I could barely do anything with it. I appreciated it though because I learned how to use the tablet with it, but in the end, it was just plainly useless to me.

Do You Have Any Other Social Media?
   Yes I do. I have almost (if not all) Social Media apps and websites. I will not give all of them, however, because some of them are personal and I would like to keep them that way.

  • Instagram:
  • Tumblr: @NiraTheDerpyWolf/Niratine (I don't remember which one works)
  • Twitter: @xxbiotech 
  • FurAffinity: Ask me.

Do You Do Commissions?
Yes I do! They are open at the moment and will be open till all slots are taken. I will post a price journal in here when I do have it posted! I will also have a journal that contains a Commissioner's Queue. 

Do You Livestream Your Art At All?
Sometimes when I feel like it. I have a few websites that I go on but I mainly go on Picarto. Picarto is strictly art and I absolutely adore this website. The link to my channel is right here ---->

Will You Ever Host Raffles Or Do Trades?
There is a possibility that I will but I don't know. If I do, I will post it and make sure everyone is aware of it. I can have journals that will keep everyone informed about these. 

Links to Journals
  • Raffles
  • Trades
  • Commission Prices
  • Commission Queue

Any other questions, please message me or contact me on any other of my Social Media.


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Madison Miller
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Hey Guys! My name is Madison Miller but I like to go by the name Nira. Nira is my Wolf fursona whom I have had since 2010 or so. I do not have her as a suit yet but I hope in the future that she will become one eventually!